Monday, January 01, 2007

Reflection on the New Year Eve

I used to celebrate the new year countdown at the Tanjong Bungah beach with my girlfriend (now my wife). We stopped practising it after our first baby arrived.

This year, I stared in front of the monitor by writing my year 2006 report card and year 2007 resolution.

Year 2006 was a significant year for me as I ventured into a new territory. I have switched from a high-tech world to the legal world. To put it in the management jargon, it is called "mid-career switch".

It is a 3-page long 2006 report card. Same length for my 2007 resolution. Both reports cover topics ranging from family, home improvement, NGO participation, political participation, financial, knowledge building, health etc. By doing this, I can monitor my progress on various areas. I can only monitor things that can be quantified such as LDL Cholesterol level. BTW, my daughter have a good head start by obtaining the first position in her class.

For year 2007, it will be an interesting year. My wife will finish her Bachelor of Social Science (USM). Being a part time student, it is a long march for her. Along the way, she gave birth to our three lovely kids. I also pray that the renovation of the Penang Court building to be finished on time so that I can have my long call ceremony there.